Nonprofit Testimonials

For the past decade, leaders of nonprofit companies have chosen to work with teamCFO, finding incredible support and achieving real success.

Here are what they are saying:

Our Controller resigned unexpectedly and we were introduced to teamCFO shortly after. Within a week, teamCFO provided us with a senior Controller who has solid and valuable nonprofit experience. Linda was able to jump in immediately and made a tremendous effort in managing and improving our accounting operations. She did an amazing job and spoke “our” language. With teamCFO’s assistance, we did not need to rush and hire a new Controller, instead, we were able to take the time to select and recruit a replacement. I would recommend teamCFO’s services to nonprofits without hesitation. 

Cyndi McAuley
Executive Director
Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind

When our Controller resigned, we did not want to rush into hiring a replacement. Instead we brought in Carrie Hidding and her team from teamCFO as the interim Controller. Shortly after they started, they identified numerous operational issues and addressed them in order to strengthen and improve the accounting operations. During this time, teamCFO helped us determine the staffing model- hired and trained new staff, improved routine accounting procedures and documentation to facilitate quicker grant and financial audits, updated and implemented cost allocation plan and revised the chart of accounts to record transactions in a more logical manner to facilitate better reporting. In addition, I was able to rely on their business and nonprofit expertise in matters outside accounting. I have found a strong partner in Carrie and would recommend her and teamCFO anytime.”

Christine-Mirasy Glasco
Executive Director
Upward Bound House

teamCFO far exceeds my expectations in customer service, knowledge and expertise in financial and accounting matters as well as correlated business matters. From the beginning of our relationship, their professionalism was undisputed. Without reserve, I would recommend teamCFO to any company looking for peace of mind on financial and other business matters.”

Virginia Gomez

When teamCFO came in to take over our accounting operations after our department head of 13 years had retired, Carrie and her team rolled up their sleeves and got busy right away. Their experience in operations and nonprofit accounting provided a smooth transition. They improved our systems and processes, assisted in selecting and training a qualified replacement and got us through the first financial audit without our reliable retired staff. “teamCFO is up for any challenge. They are thorough in analyses and efficient in solutions. We had a very positive experience working with Carrie and her team.”

Karin Hall
Executive Director
Heal the Bay

teamCFO provided financial services for the Westside Children’s Center for approximately a nine month period during late 2012 and early 2013. teamCFO acted as the Interim Controller during a period when Westside Children’s Center (WCC) was without leadership in the Accounting Department. teamCFO helped solidify the department and provided invaluable direction and support for the independent audit that took place shortly after they came aboard, providing support for both the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee during this transition period.

The leadership at Westside Children’s Center would highly recommend the services of teamCFO to any organization that is in transition and requires someone to step in and maintain continuity in their Accounting Department.”

Richard Klein
Chief Financial Officer
Westside Children’s Center

For the first time in our organization’s history, teamCFO created a comprehensive, easy-to-understand monthly financial package for our Board of Directors and staff. They also took the time to help our program managers better understand and manage their program costs. Needless to say, this is helping us to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Julia Miele
Executive Director
YWCA Santa Monica

New Directions like many other non-profits, reached a point when the original financial organization was no longer able to meet the challenges faced by the organization. After several false starts, New Directions turned to teamCFO and quickly Carrie Hidding was assigned as its interim CFO.

New Directions got much more than an interim CFO – it got a valuable member of the management team whose skills were perfect for the situation. Carrie brought the great combination of someone who can both improve accounting organization as well as provide strategic financial direction. She provided an invaluable service to the Board of Directors during some difficult financial times, meeting with its members and providing timely information and critical comments.

New Directions decided that while it needed the skills of someone at Ms. Hidding’s level, it did not need them full time. Thus a short-term plan ended with a long-term engagement lasting six years. And when it was time to hire a full-time CFO, Ms. Hidding provided invaluable assistance in the transition. The teamCFO  support was critical to the development of a strong financial organization.”

Ted Howells
Treasurer, Board of Directors
New Directions Inc.


Professional, efficient, effective – descriptive of teamCFO. Laura Yamanaka and her team at teamCFO worked with the California Family Health Council, Inc. in 2008-09 to identify issues and implement changes within fiscal systems and reporting. Working with CFHC management, teamCFO consultants assessed the strength and skill gaps within CFHC’s finance staff, provided in-house training or recommended external training opportunities, all while respecting the dignity of each staff member. In addition, teamCFO took the time to educate the members of the Board of Directors and Management Team as to ‘warning signs’ and ‘questions to ask’ to assure that the financial health of the organization is being represented accurately.

In less than six months, systems were changed, back-up systems were established, accounts receivable decreased significantly. Within ten months, monthly close outs decreased from 50 days to 30 days, and is now approximately 20 days. They outlined the skill set necessary for the financial leadership of the organization and participated in the interview process for the Director of Finance. Managers are now confident that they are receiving accurate monthly reports from which they can efficiently manage their projects. The Board of Directors is confident that they receive an accurate picture on a quarterly basis of the fiscal well-being of the organization.”

Margie Fites Seigle
President & CEO
California Family Health Council, Inc.

When teamCFO came into our organization, our accounting department was in distress. Carrie Hidding, with her very professional and take-charge attitude, assessed the department workload and each employee’s skill set, and set goals and time lines to put the department back on course. Today, we have timely and accurate information, clear policies and procedures, accountability to the Board of Directors and a department that enjoys coming to work. Carrie and her team are a pleasure to work with.”

Toni Reinis
Executive Director
New Directions, Inc.

When our controller resigned, teamCFO came in at a critical time and took over the accounting operations quickly. In addition to LA County DMH contract management, teamCFO overhauled our accounting operations and established financial controls. They improved efficiency, and assisted in recruiting qualified staff. We now have a much stronger department that produces timely and comprehensive financials that drive operations and keep team members accountable.

Throughout the engagement period, teamCFO demonstrated a high level of commitment to our agency and consistently put in long hours to meet deadlines and get the job done. Their staff blended into our culture and got along well with the rest of our agency’s team. I would recommend teamCFO to any organization that needs financial expertise during accounting transition or to strengthen its operations. Their expertise, integrity, and commitment to our organization make teamCFO unique and standout among other service providers.”

Charlene Dimas-Peinado
Chief Executive Officer
The Whole Child

It is my pleasure to comment on the excellent service we received from teamCFO during a period of critical transition. Our Controller/Accounting Manager had to leave after being with us for over 12 years, creating a tremendous void in our operation. We decided to make the most of this challenge and take the opportunity to reevaluate and improve our finance and accounting structure.

The assistance we received from teamCFO was invaluable not only in helping us with a smooth transition but also identifying ways to increase the efficiency of our accounting and financial reporting functions. Members of teamCFO consistently demonstrated outstanding professionalism and high standards, and took the time to understand our needs as a client and formulate appropriate solutions.”

Julio Puchalt
Associate Director

From inception, members of teamCFO have consistently proven to be knowledgeable experts and invested partners in our non profit community music school, SOL-LA Music Academy. teamCFO redesigned accounting operations in an exceptionally professional, collaborative and efficient manner, resulting in a strong financial structure, clear procedures and accurate financial reporting. Within a short time, the benefits of working with teamCFO have proven to be far reaching and invaluable.”

Teri Zakzook
Executive Director
SOL-LA Music Academy

teamCFO is expert in their ability to manage systems and streamline finance and accounting systems. The staff is very informed and so easy to work with. They excel in customer service, knowledge and expertise in financial and accounting matters as well as correlated business matters. The L.A. Trust was moving from a cash accounting system to an accrual basis which is crucial for non-profits. teamCFO was involved in working with our board and Finance Committee to help us operationalize best practices.

Kristal Carmona works directly with me on a weekly basis. Kristal, Laura Yamanaka, Andrei Adomnicai, and Cindy Maier are wonderful partners. Thanks to teamCFO we have policies and practices in place to run an efficient organization not to mention one with clean audits! I highly recommend teamCFO to any company looking for masterful support for their finance and business functions.”

Maryjane Puffer
Executive Director
L.A. Trust for Children’s Health