Industries Served

precarious-300x300-1We understand that building and growing your business is not easy and success is about taking risks. Our job as your CFO is to manage and/or reduce the risks before the decision is made.

We ask the number one question that needs to be asked: “What do the numbers tell us?” Based on the answer, we provide you with a financial road map for your company’s future success.

Through the past decade, teamCFO has supported and worked with an array of industries. Here are some of the examples:

  • Design, manufacturing and distribution of apparel, accessories, and beauty-healthcare products
  • Restaurants & Food manufacturing and distribution
  • Technology-software development & Internet-cloud support
  • Marketing and public relations & Professional services
  • Pet service and products & Other Retail Businesses
  • Nonprofits-primarily social services, education and art

Check out our For Profit or Nonprofit testimonials and our client Success Stories to see how we have helped other businesses.

wellsfargo-uspaacc-2Wells Fargo Asian Business Leadership Award, USPAACC – May 2008
teamCFO received one of three national awards presented to Asian entrepreneurs in recognition of their vision, success and community contributions