We are a Financial Team

precarious-300x300-1The simple reality of running a successful business is that all businesses need senior financial expertise at some point, especially when facing a precarious present or a foggy future.

Such guidance and support is essential for ongoing success. CEOs have told teamCFO: “I can do every job in my business, but NOT accounting.” When a CEO has a gut feeling that something is not right, teamCFO comes in and figures out through detailed financial analysis what is going on behind the numbers.

Is your business facing growing pains or financial challenges? At teamCFO, we partner with CEOs as an extension of their team and specialize in providing onsite expertise and hands-on accounting operational knowledge combined with opportunities for growth. Using accurate data to gauge a reliable financial baseline, we figure out specifically what your business needs, then offer workable solutions that make sense. We focus on short-term and long-term priorities by improving immediate business performance and building lasting business value.

Reliable & Focused – The Bonus of Our External Perspective

We understand that building and growing your business is not easy and success is about taking risks. Our job as your CFO is to manage and/or reduce the risks before the decision is made. We ask the number one question that needs to be asked: “What do the numbers tell us?” Based on the answer, we provide you with a financial road map for your business’s future success.

When we work with your business, we feel the temperature and develop insight into the culture of your business. Using both a microscope for specifics and a telescope for a big picture perspective, we learn where your business is now, what is the cause of your concerns, and what are the action steps that need to be taken. Our goal is to get your business to achieve ongoing profitability and productivity.

Let us show you how teamCFO can address your business’s specific needs and get the ship of your business back on course, sailing toward a destination of ongoing success with the wind at your back.

Accountant Advocate Award, SBA – May 2002
Presented to teamCFO by the L.A. Chamber of Commerce & the US Small Business Administration