Does Your Business Need a CFO?


The simple reality of running a successful business is that all companies need senior financial expertise at some point, especially when facing a precarious present or a foggy future. Such guidance and support is essential for ongoing success.

CEOs have told teamCFO: “I can do every job in my business, but NOT accounting.” When a CEO has a gut feeling that something is not right, teamCFO comes in and figures out through detailed financial analysis what is going on behind the numbers.

There are many situations where a CFO can help, and often can save, a business.

Here are just a few ways teamCFO can make a major difference in your business:

  • You lose a key accounting person and need someone to step in while you find a permanent replacement.
  • You’re not really confident in the reliability of the financial and management reports you’re getting.
  • Your business is facing problems with investors, bankers or auditors that need a senior financial executive to address.
  • You’ve outgrown your initial accounting staff’s capabilities and need more professional expertise to help your business grow.

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